Sunday, May 7, 2017

Reply All = Lazy, Clueless or Inconsiderate?

I hate "Reply All".   This little button has been responsible destroying millions of hours of productivity across the globe.    I am pissed at the guy (or girl) who invented this button, but I am more pissed at the DOPEs around the world who mindlessly click this time predator.

Too many people hit "Reply All" without thinking.   I don't know if these Reply All Addicts are too lazy, too clueless or too inconsiderate to think about the time they are wasting.   Perhaps their time is so valueless that don't mind wasting my time and yours.

Before hitting "Reply All" think about who really needs to see your response.  Please take 10 seconds to considerately think about your friends and colleagues.  Do they really need to see your response?  Will it change their life for the better?  Will it save them time or money?  Is there anything they can or should do about the content of the email?

If the building is in fire, hit reply all.  If your company is at risk of imminent collapse, go for it.  If Aunt Sadie is about to breathe her last breath, be my guest.

Otherwise, hands off "Reply All".

1 comment:

  1. I agree - sometimes it is important that everyone sees the answer, but most of the time it is not. I am frequently annoyed by those thoughtless reply all that clog up my inbox with dozens of emails that are not relevant to me.