Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hello and welcome to the Grumpy Old Man Blog.  I am Andrew Greess, the grumpy old man.

In my defense, it is not my fault I am a grumpy old man.   It is a conspiracy.  The universe keeps sending me an endless stream of idiots, malcontents, morons, inconsiderates, dullards, dumbasses, nincompoops, and non-thinking illiterates whose only purpose in life is to piss me off.   Mission Accomplished!

How could so many people not understand the basic rules of society?  These acceptable behaviors seem so foreign to so many people. It is mind boggling.  In these pages I have chosen to label these miscreants by their common behavior, Don't Operate Properly for the Environment (DOPEs).

In this space I will share my thoughts on my daily trials and tribulations based on interactions with the DOPEs.  I hope it will be as entertaining for you as it is frustrating for me.  Perhaps it will be cathartic for me and I will become a less grumpy old man.

I welcome your comments as well as your experiences with the people, events, and things that piss you off.

Thanks for reading.

Andrew Greess
Grumpy Old Man

andrew greess