Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nothing Makes Me Grumpier!

I have finally figured it out.  The thing that pisses me off more than anything else.  The lowest form of scum on the planet.   The world's biggest DOPEs (doesn't operate properly for the environment), the most inconsiderate people to roam the earth.

Yesterday evening I was at the grocery store.  This DOPE (sidebar - it takes every bit of grumpy old man's self control not to unleash a string of disgusting, though accurate, expletives to describe this jerk) was walking around the store with his dog.  A Chihuahua on a leash with a service dog vest.

BULLSH-T !!!!                  

Uncharacteristically, Grumpy Old Man was cool, calm and collected.  20 years ago I would have been in his face.

How can someone be such an inconsiderate loser to take his dog to a food store and to put a Service Dog vest on it?  

You can't leave your dog alone for 20 minutes while you go shopping?

You have so little regard for your neighbors that you take a dog into food establishment?

You have so little concern for Americans with Disabilities that require service animals that you hijack their tools and denigrate their needs?

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